Hair Transplants Cost UK, London

Hair transplants cost London - UK vs abroadContrary to popular belief, hair loss is not something that is restricted to men only. Up to 30% of women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives and transplants offer a great option for treatment. Women can experience hair loss for a number of reasons ranging from stress, menopause, thyroid problems, traction alopecia, telogen effluvium, medication, diet or hormone imbalances.

For women, the single-most common root cause for hair loss is from hormones. Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on one’s hair and thinning is often the end result. Some of these imbalances only cause temporary loss however and shouldn’t be a major cause for concern. In cases like these the hair usually returns to normal after some time as if nothing happened.

The only difference between the hair loss that men and women experience is the fact that women do not get a loss pattern. Their hair loss is usually quite diffuse and spread out all over the scalp, with the frontal hairline still present and unaffected, making the effect much-less obvious. This is one of the major reasons why hair loss in women is not as recognized.

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Hair thinning in women – Hair crown can be restored with hair transplants

Hair thinning in women can be even more psychologically devastating than it is for men. A large part of a woman’s sex appeal and confidence comes from their hair, and when this starts disappearing, so does their self-esteem in many cases. At least for men, the phenomenon of balding is well-known. While still not exactly welcomed it’s at least an accepted phenomenon. For women however, it’s considered rare and there is an even larger stigma attached to it which can make women feel judged.

For women, hair loss is more of a gradual process than for men with the effect snowballing during menopause as well as pregnancy.  Women are unlucky in the sense that drug manufacturers have almost completely ignored them with their products and all their marketing considerations are aimed at men. However, they are lucky in the sense that it is quite rare for women to experience total hair loss or bald patches like men do. Women can very easily disguise their thinning with certain hairstyles and hair extensions.

One of the most effective treatments for women with advanced hair loss is called FUE or follicular unit extraction. This allows a thinning scalp to have complete restoration and is a major breakthrough in the industry.